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The Humanitarian Institute of Hrazdan was founded by the license of the Ministry of Instruction and Education of the Republic of Armenia in 1996 (License # 69, granted on 14 May 1996) and received a State a State Registration (Certificate # 0261090).
        The Institute confers three specialties:
        1. Pedagogics and Methods
        2. Finances
        3. Jurisprudence.
        In 2000 HIH was reaccredited by the Ministry of Instruction and Education of Republic of Armenia (license # 036, granted on 7 November 2000) and received a permanent education license for higher professional education. In 2000, according to the government’s agreement of Republic of Armenia, HIH participated in the state accreditation process and received state credentials for all faculties, as to which all faculties and alumni received a higher education state diploma of the Republic of Armenia.
        1. Elementary education pedagogy and methodology-state credential # 047, granted on 06.12.2002.
        2. Finance and Credit-state credential # 097, 09.04.2002.
        3. Jurisprudence-state credential # 046, 06.12.2002.
        The Institute confers two degrees of education:
        Bachelor’s--4 years
        Master’s--2 years
        The Institute has a distance learning opportunities for all faculties. The education process is 5 years.
        One of the distinguishing features of the educational process of the institution is the theoretical teaching and symposia and practice at the same time as the educational process. This integration allows an effective process to educate effective teachers.
        The pride of the Institute is its professional lecturer staff. The lecturing staff is highly educated and has a vast history of work experience, over 72% have master’s or Ph.D’s.
        The Humanitarian Institute is of Hrazdan occupies a building of 2200 sq.m. conveniently located in the Center of Hrazdan City.
        HIH educational complex includes lecturer halls for staff, faculty seminars and for practical training.
        The educational complex includes:
       • Classrooms organized for language training (Armenian, Russian, French and English)
       • Art facilities and work shops
       • Computer
       • Conference Hall
       • Library with reading room
       • Sports Facility
       • Administrative Offices.
        The HIH schedule’s classes 6 days a week.
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