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Armenian Language

 A person is blessed when he learns how to learn.
        1. The Institute has an Armenian Language classroom. The classroom has to solve the following student learning tasks:
       1) To effectively use Armenian literature, to work with books, write report and essays in Armenian though and culture.
       2) To prepare for Armenian seminars and experiences and journeys into Armenian language and culture.
       3) To develop Armenian writing skills for individual projects while at the institute.
       4) To prepare for future practical Armenian projects and to organize the Armenian open classes event.
       5) The classroom develop the students skills for writing.
       6) Students get acquainted with the subject of pedagogy through supplied recently published pedagogical literature.

       2. A second aim of the pedagogy subject classroom is to make the students appreciate their language and culture and realized:
       1) Through discussion of the students creative work and a monthly competition.
       2) The best poems, story, composition and individual projects are judged for methodology.
       3) Literature and music event, are regularly scheduled that include jubilee evenings, literature quizzes and club parties
       4) Meeting with the regional Armenian country artists, writers, scientist, and teachers. Regular seminars are held to discuss methodology and materials discussion.
       5) To create didactic and observations materials for the new education system requirements.

       3. Prepare teachers for teaching in the educational system of 12 years duration. To insure this:
       1) Introduce to the students the new educational system, its priorities and productivity.
       2) To provide the learning students the new methods and skills materials require by the new education system.
       3) To develop language themes and teaching methods in elementary classes according to new methods, and discussions of various different lessons.
       4) To organize conference, answer and question periods and resolve disputes about the new educational system.
       5) To show and discuss the best students projects, pedagogy experiences diary, and theme plans.
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