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HIH has created a special classroom for economics directed to solve the following issues:

       1. To provide the classroom with technological materials, literature and with the necessary didactic materials organized for easy access to the economic student.

       2. To organize symposiums and lectures of leading national and international economist, to insure that the HIH student understands the developing 21 Century economic systems both Armenian and the international economic system.

       3. HIH has an economics association composed of the most responsible and interested students. This association plans and executes economic scientific studies in the Kotayk Region, Hrazdan City, and in the villages. These studies attempt to gain some in-sight into the sociological and economic questions that challenge the Region:
       1. The issue of populations consumption and saving.
       2. The determination of a consumption budget (definition).
       3. Poverty level determination and possible ways to reduce poverty

       4. Composition of Lorences curve and Jeenys coefficient calculation in the community dimensions.

       5. Community environmental issues and possible solutions.

       6. HIH economic classroom cooperates with the financial department of Hrazdan City. The student get and idea of public finance and the organization of a municipal budget.

       7. The economic classroom controls the economic subject matter teaching methods to insure modernization and productivity.


       The economic council seeks to help accomplish the above mentioned issues:
       1. The economic council reviews economic projects and develops corresponding requirements.
       2. With HIH financial support different projects or studies are copied and provided to the students.
       3. The economic classroom does sociological research and present this findings to HIH.
       4. For writing economic projects, the students are supplied with the necessary literature, methods of research instructions, technical support and the necessary information to proceed with the project.
       5. The classroom analyze the economic subject projects and examine the results.
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