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 The Humanitarian Institute of Hrazdan prepares graduates with 2 degrees :
        - Bachelors 4 years duration
        - Master’s 2 years duration
        The Institute has 3 faculties with 4 areas of study:
        1. The Faculty of Law studies Jurisprudence
        2. The Faculty of Pedagogy studies on
        3. And Armenian language and literature.
        4. Faculty of Economics studies Finances:
        The applicant must pass a University and state examination:
        For the Faculty of Law:
        Armenian Language--Written Examination
        Armenian History--Oral Examination
        For the Faculty of Pedagogy
        Armenian Language--Written Examination
        Mathematics--Written Examination
        For the Faculty of Economics:
        Armenian Language--Written Examination
        Mathematics--Written Examination
        Required Document by Applicant:
        Secondary School Certificate (the original)
        6 photos 3 by 4 centimeters
        Passport or a document identifying the applicant
        The application process is open to all ages for a full course of study in any faculty. Students that have not previously qualified for admission to other institutions can apply for admission.
        Students that have already qualified for admission through study at other institutions in a specific faculty can also apply for admission. These applicants need not take the year of study and can be admitted to the second year of study in the particular faculty.
        By order of the Ministry of Instruction and Education of the Republic of Armenia, and with agreement of with the organization, “Junior Achievement of Armenia” the Institute’s students can achieve free and an additional specialty with legal teaching qualification.
        Admission requires taking qualifying exams, interview and payment of tuition, the applicant is admitted as a first year student.
        Student discounts for tuition are offered in the following categories:
        1. Children of parents that perished in war
        2. Students with 3 semesters of excellent academic progress
        3. Two or more students from the same family attending HIH
        4. And those that qualify under specific cases.
        If you want to know more about HIH, please come and see the staff for specific information.

Address:Kotayk Region, Hrazdan City, HIH

Tel:(374 223) 2-14-97

Fax: (374 223) 2-55-18
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